A Revolutionary Solution that Makes High‑Quality Smile Design More Affordable.

With the recent advances in Orthodontics, all treatments are not alike. Results can last a lifetime, so choose your doctor based on who you feel offers the best skill, expertise and technology. The best can be more affordable than you think. With OrthoFi, the power is in your hands – you design your payment plan to fit your budget. It’s easy.

Ask your Orthodontist if they offer OrthoFi,
and get the beautiful smile you deserve.

What Patients Are Saying:

"I went to several doctors to fix my smile, but I couldn’t afford the fees. The last office I went to had OrthoFi, and I was able to design a plan that I could afford. I was thrilled!"

What Doctors Are Saying:

"With OrthoFi, we’re able to provide the highest quality care to more. It’s a great feeling to help families afford the beautiful smile they deserve."